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Erika Raspberry

Erika raspberry is the most exciting, high yielding, good tasting variety to be launched in recent years.

Erika Fruit

The fruit is orange to red in colour with an average berry weight of 5.4g in tests. The drupelets are small and therefore the cohesion is excellent. This provides a great shelf life allowing the fruit to withstand substantial shipping.

The flavour profile of the fruit is described as ‘fresh and fruity’ with an average brix of 8.6%, against the standard variety at 7.5% in recent tests.

Erika Plant

The plant is a primocane which means that it fruits on new wood every year. In some regions commercial growers are able to harvest two crops from the same plant therefore providing substantial income. The yield expectations will differ in varying growing regions. The highest recorded yield per plant in a single harvest has been over 2kg. In double cropping situations, growers are aiming for more than 1kg per plant per harvest.

Erika raspberry product Chart


Erika is protected in the EU by Plant Variety Right File Number 20070473.

Erika is also protected in the United States, Plant Patent Application Number 12/075,346 and is in the process of being protected in almost all other important berry countries worldwide.

The company holds a DNA profile of Erika to aid in any areas of illegal activity around the world. This means that suspected fruit or plants can be checked for trueness to type.

Erika raspberry profile
Erika Raspberry DNA Profile